My First Summer Dinner in the Yew Greenhouse


The 67 week long pandemic restrictions have finally lifted, and now we can return to our favourite events – including dinner with friends! With the release of the summer edition of Style at Home featuring my Yew Greenhouse, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops for a summer greenhouse dinner to celebrate it all! So many exciting decisions to make. What will the table look like? What will we wear? What flowers will we use as centrepieces? Which Sandhill Rosé will I serve? 😃

Honestly it was all a little emotional. As we all have experienced, gatherings have been on hold. We haven’t been able to break bread or hug our friends in waaay too long. Being able to bring old friends and new ones together in my greenhouse filled my heart with happiness. 

The dinner was a real group effort which made it even more special! My friend Keltie spent the day with me like a fairy godmother turning the greenhouse from a pumpkin into a princess (you can see our before and after reel here). 

My new friend Emma, who owns Keep Floral, kindly offered to make some floral centrepieces. She absolutely nailed my vision for soft, feminine, and whimsical. How stunning are these? My lovely friend Justine has been perfecting her macaron recipe over the pandemic and she made us the prettiest and tastiest assortment!

One question you may be thinking is ‘how hot does the greenhouse get?” and the answer is HOT! I would probably never host a lunch in the greenhouse in the summer but as soon as the sun dips behind my house the temperature in the greenhouse drops to a lovely warm-but-not-too-hot temperature. I also have a fan going in there (pink and adorable of course :P) and hung lace curtains at the door to cut the direct sun a bit. The curtains also added a level of whimsy and created the prettiest shadows inside. I love them so much I’ve decided to keep them up all summer long. 

The table I used is actually my seeding tables! I love when pieces can be used in a multitude of ways. Putting two of them end-to-end made a beautiful 8 foot table that was absolutely gorgeous against all the blush and white flowers on each end.

I can’t wait to host the Yew Valley Garden Design Show here in two short weeks! The perfect weekend for flower enthusiasts and newbies to come together and learn how to create the garden of their dreams. We’re going to learn garden design, greenhouse gardening, hydrangea care, rose care, gardening with kids, and so much more! We’re also going to have a floral arranging workshop where we’re all going to make an arrangement to take home. 
And another fabulous opportunity for me to decorate the greenhouse, what should I do next?! Any theme suggestions?!

As promised here’s the code for a special discount off tickets! Use code “SUMMER” at checkout, grab your tickets here!
See you soon!



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