How To Assemble and Hang a Realistic Faux Garland. My Top 5 Tips


So you think you want a big beautiful green mantle this Christmas but not sure where to start?

The first question is real or faux? I chose faux for a few reasons

  1. I decorate early, like super early and real just doesn’t last 2+ months 😛
  2. I have kids that like to touch things, and real tends to dry and then break into hundreds of little pieces all over my living room

So if you decide faux is for you the next question is how to proceed! Here are my top 5 tips for the best looking faux garland. (All my materials for my garland are from AFloral and they are gorgeous quality!)

  1. Use cedar or pine as a base. This will help give it depth and the fullness you’re looking for. I have a long mantle so I used two pine garlands end to end
  2. Add different textures and colours. Eucalyptus and boxwood are my two favourites. I used 3 Eucalyptus garlands for this one.
  3. Fluff Fluff Fluff. Just like a faux Christmas tree the difference between a sad looking garland and a gorgeous looking garland is in the fluffing. Really take the time to go strand by strand and spread them out. It’s worth the effort.
  4. Zap Straps and command hooks are your best friend. I use zap straps to secure the pieces of garlands together and then I use them again to secure the garland onto the command hooks on the mantle.
  5. Add finishing touches. Whether it be some sprigs of a different type of greenery or a wood beaded garland or some faux berries, adding this final piece will really elevate your garland.

Voila! A beautiful realistic faux garland to enjoy all season long and for years to come. The other thing I like about faux is you can dismantle them easily to use in different ways in coming years.

This was my first year doing a garland and I think I’m in love! I completed the look with these gorgeous gold candlesticks, some little white houses ( I got mine at Indigo and some sweet little knit stockings that I adore.

Happy Decorating!

Thanks for reading!




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