How to Wallpaper Your Laundry Room – My Urban Walls x Monika Hibbs Makeover


I’ve worked with Urban Walls twice before (the girls room and some christmas decor) and I’ve always loved them because they’re so easy and so pretty! So when I was browsing their site again to plan my laundry room makeover I thought it could be amazing if I challenged myself to do wallpaper. I’ve never applied wallpaper before but they have so many beautiful patterns I had to take a chance and challenge myself.

So when we started chatting about what wallpaper would work best, they let me know they had an upcoming collaboration with the one and only Monika Hibbs, and asked if I would be interested in one of her prints. I believe my answer was, ‘You had me at Monika Hibbs’

The Before:

The before was not bad it’s not like a rags to riches story here, but the before was certainly a little boring, the walls were a little beat up and the light was probably an afterthought (sorry not pictured but it was chocolate brown with yellow glass so ya…)

The Installation:

I can confidentially say your install could not be as complicated as mine. I definitely picked the toughest wallpapering area of the house to attack. Two windows with intricate molding as well as an angled wall. The huge difference between Urban Walls and traditional wallpaper is the ability to lift and restick. You can keep working the wallpaper until you get it perfect, which for my situation was the only way I found success. If I could give any piece of advice for your own install it would be to be patient and gentle. Pulling up and replacing is totally ok if you are gentle and slow. Also don’t worry if you make a mistake or it doesn’t look perfect around the edges. If you looked closely at the areas around the window casings you’d notice it’s not a perfect cut. Do you think you notice that looking at the room from standing height? Absolutely not, so don’t sweat it.

The Finished Product:

I absolutely adore how this turned out! The wallpaper I chose (Magnolia Blooms) is perfection. The print is gorgeous and subtle. The color is a light purple-grey that is bright and feminine.

The Light

I wanted to switch out the light because the existing one was dated and dark brown. I chose this wood beaded flush mount and I love it!

Thank you so much for checking out my laundry room makeover! If you have any questions or comments, reach out!

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