My Front Door Holiday Makeover with Home Depot Canada


I am so excited to share my winter front porch makeover with Home Depot Canada. I should start by saying that is super weird having a green Christmas season (having recently moved back to B.C after being in AB for 7 years). Therefore, I wanted my outdoor and porch decor to be festive and seasonal, but still look good with bright green grass 😛

If you haven’t stopped by Home Depot in Canada for your Christmas decorations you definitely should! The thing I love about Home Depot is that they have both beautiful and unique Christmas products in their seasonal department (we did not make it out of the store without buying one of the rocking stuffed animals, that’s what I get for taking three toddlers to shop with me). But they also have endless opportunities to be creative! They have so many raw materials and everything you could possibly need to make your ideas come to life (including really nice employees who literally take you aisle by aisle and show you what you’ll need).

My goal for my outdoor theme was similar to my indoor and that is “winter wonderland.” I started with a few potted cedars to give it a pop of greenery. Cedars are inexpensive and wasteless because when they’re done on my front porch I’m going to plant them with the other cedars along my fence line. I originally planned to have the lighted birch outside on the porch with the cedars but the plug wasn’t close and I just didn’t love it as much as I love them inside, so the birch got moved inside and I decided to light the cedars. 

I decorated the cedars with battery operated string lights (because of the lack of a close plug issue). Home Depot has so many pretty ones, some have snow flakes, stockings, wire globes, literally there is a whole section dedicated to these, it was hard to pick. I went with regular and snow flakes. 🙂

One of my favourites of the whole area, is the wreath on my front door. A traditional green wreath wasn’t really adding anything to the space, and just got lost among the green of the cedars, this beautiful cream wreath is even more pretty in person, it’s so cute and cozy it is 100% going above my bed when it’s done on my door.  How ‘Emily’ is this wreath, right?!

I included some visual and textural interest by adding some small boxwood plants in steel buckets, and some birch logs. I completed the wintery feel with a gorgeous white washed lantern. 

Let’s talk the about mat. This was a DIY that literally took me 5 minutes. All you need is a plain jute mat and black paint. I am not known for my prep work so I just screwed a nozzle head onto a small bottle of black paint and drew the shapes on with the paint. SO EASY! and it turned out so cute!

And the cherry on top of my Home Depot outdoor festive decor is for sure the reindeer and sleigh. I’ve got to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of lawn ornaments before, a lot of them can be super cheesy in my opinion, (my husband totally disagrees with me on this and yes we bought one of the inflatable snowman and Harrison lost his mind with excitement) but I digress, I have never seen any lawn decor that is as classy and beautiful as this reindeer and sleigh. They are sold separately so you can get one or the other or both. It looks amazing in the day, it looks amazing when the sunset reflects off of it, and it looks amazing at night when the white lights light it up like a beautiful magical ice sculpture. You’re welcome neighbours 🙂

Thanks so much for joining, as always if you have any questions please reach out! 




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