The Hunter’s Island Vacation


Sarah is one of my favourite people, we started our friendship on instagram of all places. She is now one of my ig besties. I was honoured when she (a fellow professional photographer) reached out to me and asked if I would photograph her family while she was visiting the island. I of course said yes! So I took her, her husband Zach, and two sweet boys Elliot and Evan to my happy place. The beach where I grew up and spend as much time with my own kids as possible.

If you’ve had a session with me you know my sessions are super relaxed. 10% posed 90% play. I personally feel great about a session when I hear the dads say it was fun!

And man, it’s been months since I shot a family. The move and unpacking and getting settled into a new normal here didn’t leave a lot of time for clients. And if I’m being honest, starting from scratch with a client base seemed overwhelming and daunting so I just said well maybe I’ll just hang back for a bit. But, I loved it, I forgot how much I loved it. So maybe Comox Valley folks, or those vacationing in the area, maybe we should chat about making some beach magic together with your family…


I live in the Valley and just discovered you. Sooo excited you are in the area! Can’t wait for you to capture my family!

Thank you so much! I’m so happy to be here. I’d love to capture your family 🙂

Love these!!

Is this Saratoga? 🙂


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