Spring Home Tour


Spring is officially here and I couldn’t be happier! After the insanely long winter we had in Edmonton I am so excited to feel warm air and see green buds and fresh flowers galore! I partnered up with some really talented bloggers to share how we switch up our home decor for the seasons. So here are a few of my tips and some photos I took of my space. With my littles sprinkled throughout because, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

The big theme in my spring decor is definitely living plants. I really want to challenge myself to keep them alive. Real plants give so many benefits that faux don’t and I love the instant feeling of life they bring to a space. So I loaded up on plants from my neighbourhood nursery and let’s hope I can keep them alive all year long! I also snipped some blossoms from a broken branch in my back yard, I hated seeing these beautiful blooms go to waste and wow do they ever bring instant beauty to wherever they go!

Another easy and fast way to refresh a space is to switch up textiles, throw pillows, throws, and duvet covers are awesome ways to make a big impact. Like I mentioned throw pillows are also SUPER easy to make if you have a sewing machine and can save quite a bit versus buying one already done.

Sweet little potted plans in cute pots, I think I’m a plant pot addict (not that kind even though it’s now legal in Canada LOL!) I seem to always buy little pots when I see them in stores, so I have many but they sure do bring a lot of joy to a room as well. I also love to fill my front entrance with beautiful potted plants, versus a big flower garden because for me it’s more manageable to care for, and then in the winter you can just bring them inside to keep them safe.

So that’s it! Those are my top tips for refreshing your space for spring, what are you doing to refresh your space?? Any tips for me?

As I mentioned I partnered with some amazing ladies on this home refresh, so head over to their blogs to see how they updated their homes for spring. You won’t be disappointed there is some serious eye candy in these blogs!!





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