A Spring Session with the Sanche Family


Have you ever wondered what happens to Disney Princesses once they live on in their happily ever after and have kids? Well, wonder no more because I photographed one this past month. Megan is exactly what I imagine a Disney princess is like when she becomes a mom. Not only does she have the sweetest soft voice, her nickname and blog is Nutmeg and she came to our session with flower clippers and a flower bucket. If you know me you know my love for all things Disney so I mean this as the biggest compliment I can give. Her sweet little girls even called me Miss Emily and Megan called them her little birdies a few times and I couldn’t stop smiling. She also says things like ‘unkind’ and ‘joyful’. I was just waiting for a trail of woodland creatures to come out of the bushes and tie a sash around her hair.

But anyhoo, I am so excited to be back shooting outside. Where we can spread out, the kiddos can run around, and I can just enjoy seeing a family genuinely loving on each other. This was a new location for me and I really loved it. I scouted it a few weeks earlier with my kids and knew it would be a great spot for a family session when I saw how much my two enjoyed hanging out there.

I just adore Megan and her family, her girls are the cutest, most polite, fun-loving little angels ever. And their new addition Theo is just so so adorable. Fun fact; his due date was the same as Georgia’s but Megan ended up beating me to the punch! But we are twin families in opposite order (I’m boy girl girl she’s girl girl boy). I love seeing the dynamic of other families of 5, I instantly feel a bond.

So if you’re behind on getting family photos send me an email, or call, or ig message, or carrier pigeon and let’s tell your family’s story.










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