My Summer Style Must Haves For Georgia’s First Summer!


My little Georgia Peach is about to turn 6 months old. She was born into one of the coldest and longest winters in Edmonton’s history. So needless to say, we are all excited about summer coming. Now in Edmonton, we don’t really have shoulder seasons so it’s basically already summer. And we are gearing up with planning our adventures and enjoying the warm summer sun. With that comes one of my favourite parts of summer with babies; summer fashion (for them not me, I will wear the same pair of shorts and a loose tank top the entire summer..)

So here are my summer faves be sure to check them out and show them some love! This blog is focused on Baby GG but I’ll do one for Autumn and Harrison in the near future too 🙂


First up: Shoes

Finding shoes that are adorable and actually stay on her feet is a challenge, Georgia loves kicking her little legs to show her excitement for life, so usually, shoes go flying. I now dress her in Freshly Picked baby mocs and I LOVE! they are sooooo darn cute and actually stay on her feet. I went with a Birch Mary Jane because they go with everything but I am so tempted to go for a fun pop of yellow or a pattern next time. I get lost on their website and could easily spend hundreds and hundreds.


As I’ve mentioned before I have a few go to’s for my kids’ clothes. They are Wheat, 2 Peas in a Pod, Tiny Button Apparel, and then Zara for a few basic fillers. With Georgia I usaually try to keep her as covered as I can just because it’s a bit hard to cover her with sunscreen and I like to be really sun safe with my kiddos. So when we’re out and about she’s been in this little romper from Tiny Button a lot! so much so that I just bought the size up in the exact same color because I love it so friken much. It’s super soft and breathable and I love that it has so much coverage. When I know we’re somewhere shaded (which is often with kiddos) or indoors I will put her in an adorable 2 Peas dress and wait for the ooohs and ahhhs to flow like gravy haha but for real she looks like a little dolly in her 2 Peas numbers, and the 2 Peas summer floral patterns are to die for….seriously go look.. I’ll wait…



Georgia is just started to teethe. So instead of using my finger or nipple I’m encouraging she use a teether. I discovered these ADORABLE ice cream teethers from Little Lamb and CO and they are not only the cutest and best summer accessory for a baby ever, they are really cleverly designed, the little notches on the bottom really soothe her gums and the side of the ice cream scoop is the perfect size to fit right in her little mouth. She also loves to play with the beads in her fingers so I usually clip it to her bib and it keeps her happy in her stroller.

Also with the sun I always always have a hat on my kids when they’re outside. I love the hats from Wheat and I’m also really loving bonnets on Georgia so they can stay on easy when I’m baby wearing her.

When we’re shaded or indoors you can find her rocking one of her Baby Bird Creations bows for sure!



Check out my last post to see why I love the Valco Baby Duo X and why it’s so great for summer (hint its all about the perfect canopy!)


So that’s it those are my fav summer styles for miss Georgia.


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