Edmonton Photographer with the Flakstads


Oh fall how I love thee, well that’s obvious I did name my daughter Autumn after all. I love fall sessions, I love the colors, the outfit choices, the beautiful crisp air. I also love when clients become friends, which they often do. But the Flaksads are a special family, because they’re my twin family. I first met Krystal when I was looking for redheads for my radiant redhead project. We soon learned we had so much more in common. Our redhead oldest boy followed by two sweet daughters all close to the same ages. Her children’s names were all on my very short baby list, we drive the same car etc the list is long. anyhoo I digress, I got to spend a couple of hours hanging out with this super adorable family and gorgeous babes in the perfect fall leaves. Ben had me in stitches the whole time, and Nora had me feeling some serious hair envy… I’ve since had the pleasure of photographing sweet Ben, Nora, and Klara, again and they’re such cuties I just adore them!






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