Breastfeeding and Babywearing are beautiful


There is nothing more beautiful and sacred than the bond between a mother and her new baby. To see a mother breastfeeding and babywearing her little babe is such a sweet sight to witness. Now, before I share this post, I want to be perfectly clear that just because I love photographing breastfeeding, doesn’t mean I feel negatively for bottle fed babies. Fed is best! Breastfeeding is just one small aspect of motherhood and there are so many ways to bond with your babe that doesn’t involve breasts 😛 personally, I love cuddling with my babes in bed far more than I like breastfeeding, but I digress…

It was the end of summer and I was asked by a friend of mine who is a lactation consultant to get some images of some breastfeeding moms for her clinic. Done and done I said! I love these sessions and I loved that I would be able to share these images with the world. Given the news these days I was happy to be able to put images of mothers just loving and feeding their babies out into the world.

Babywearing is both an adorable way to snuggle your bubs, but also as a mom of three, a super practical way of managing your other children while keeping your baby happy.

Thank you to these wonderful mamas for sharing this moment with me, and to you for following along.







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