9 Photos Every Mom Should Take


As moms, the act of picking up our camera to capture memories with our littles ones is equally exciting and overwhelming.  It’s exciting because we know that these pictures will be cherished forever.  But it is also overwhelming because we want to photograph everything.  If you’re like me, you feel the pressure to photograph every little thing your child does and sometimes feel guilty when you didn’t get a photo of them doing something particularly adorable. I actually can get angry at myself if we go on an outing and I forget my camera. I know I have issues…

While there are so many photos that we all dream of taking, Here are 9 main photos I think every mom should take.  It may be helpful to think of these as categories, or themes.  Having this list handy may help you learn when to pick up your camera and, also when it’s okay to set it down or leave it at home.


1. Important Milestones, this is an obvious one and usually, most moms nail this one. But don’t just think of the big milestones (first day of preschool, Halloween costumes etc) but also the little milestones (learning to use a spoon, first time pulling themselves up, first time riding a bike, discovering their toes etc)


2. Sleeping. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. I know I tend to forgive any tantrum or mess my kids may have made when I watch them sleeping peacefully. Just be careful not to wake them!



3. Current toys and interests. My son is obsessed with trains right now, this may not always be the case so I definitely want to document his train phase!



4. Photos with you! I could do a whole blog on the importance of this (and probably will) but this is SO important! So set up your tripod, put your camera on a shelf and get in the frame with your babies.



5. Laughing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing mouths full of teeny teeth when my kids have a full-blown laugh attack. One of the easiest ways to capture genuine laughter is to make silly noises, tickle their toes, wave a stuffed animal in front of them etc whatever makes your little babe giggle.



6. Getting into trouble. Ok don’t do this one too much as you don’t want to encourage bad behaviour. But getting into trouble is all apart of childhood and can make for very sweet photos. Sneaking a snack, emptying out the tupperware drawer, practicing with your lipstick, or jumping into the ocean fully clothed, these are all mischievous little moments you’ll want to remember down the road.



7. Eating, this is more for when they’re super little, but there is something so funny about how covered in food my kids get every time they eat. Yogurt in the hair, blackberries alllll over their faces. It’s a lot to clean up but I will definitely laugh at those photos later.



8. Movement, these shots really capture childhood. Jumping on the bed, a little girls skirt behind her as she runs, splashing in the water, falling snow… These shots are always my favourite. Just make sure to set your shutter speed high!



9. Last but not least, siblings! Getting two or more kids in a frame can be a challenge. But I absolutely adore when I have both my kids together experiencing something new together, playing, interacting, or cuddling. These photos capture their relationship and that is so special!



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And get snapping mamas!


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