Mother’s Day Mini Series



Mothers are my favourite thing to photograph, period. Photographing mothers is a true honour. Why do I love photographing moms SO much? because being a mother is the most amazing, terrifying, heart-wrenching, fulfilling, exhausting, all-encompassing, and most glorious thing a woman can experience. Being a mom means so much more than that word can even contain. Moms are superheroes. Moms worry about and find joy in everything. I love photographing moms because I find so much happiness in being able to capture what being a mother looks like. The kisses, laughs, cuddles, games, and the quiet moments in between.

I wanted these sessions to be whimical, relaxed, and fun. I wanted my moms to have images of them and their little babes, that make them happy. That they want to frame, add to family albums, and share with their friends and families.

I was so lucky to partner with some amazing small shops to help create the feeling I wanted for these sessions. The beautiful kimonos by Lost in Layers. The adorable little girl hair bows by Baby Bird Creations. And of course the incredible florals by Akiko Floral

I put together some gift bags to spoil these incredible mamas, with custom mom cookies from Milk and Cookies Bakeshop, Earrings from Aminah Andrews Design, Coconut and Oat Bath from Bebe de Luxe, and sweet bows from Baby Bird Creations.

All of the mothers who participated came excited and playful. I had so much fun photographing all the sweet babes and their adorable moms. It’s so easy to see so much love in these frames.


Thank you to all the moms who took part in my Mother’s Day Series. It was such an honour to capture such an important milestone in these gorgeous mamas lives.


Thank you for being here xo




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