Top 5 Ways to Get out of a Photography Funk


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I don’t know if it’s the weather, or actually I can stop right there I almost guarantee it’s the weather! But lately I have found myself in a bit of a photo funk, the equivalent of writers block. I have technically failed at my 365, and I have been going days in a row without picking up my camera, which is rare for me! So I decided to reflect on what I’ve done in the past when this happens, and jot down my top 5 ways to pull yourself out of the photographic funk, even in eternal winters!

Play with your self timer. As a photographer I am always the one behind the lens, so it is sometimes fun to set the timer and get in front! It is also a great way to get in the frame with your kiddos. One of my favourite photos ever of Autumn and I (it’s on my investment page) is the photo I took of her and I in an airbnb with the self timer. It also tests some of your skills, like manual focus and composition.


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2 Notice the small quirks in your children and photograph them! You often don’t capture the little idiosyncrasies of your children because you get used to them. For example my daughter collapses on the floor when she is pouting but then makes sure to sneak a peek to make sure we’re watching her do it. I finally grabbed my camera and caught it the last time she did it.


3 Capture the everyday moments, like play and bath time! Capture some fun inside shoots like jumping on the bed or playing tag.  This doesn’t even require leaving the house (or getting dressed) and is a great practice for shutter speed and composition. I also love bath time shots, because it is my favourite time of day, when I get to snuggle a warm, sweet smelling, clean little baby in a towel at the end of a long day. I will be happy to have these photos to look back on when they’re not babies anymore.

jumping on the bed photo edmontonbotanical bath edmonton

4 Take a trip. Ok this one isn’t so easy to just do on a whim. But man is it effective! Nothing lights the fire in my photographer heart more than a new landscape to shoot in. It is so fun to explore a new place with your camera in hand, and bonus you get great shots of your family enjoying your vacay! An easier way to achieve this could even be to travel to a part of town you don’t normally visit and explore it!

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5. Last but not least, get inspiration from other creatives. I am lucky enough to have connected with some amazing photographers through meet ups and social media! we share our work with each other, and have become cheerleaders for each others creative endeavours. I honestly think this is my biggest source of inspiration when I am in a funk. Sure it can also work the other way, in that you compare your work to others and want to cry if you don’t feel you stack up. BUT on the whole I love these groups, admiring talented photographers pushes you to keep improving. If you’re looking to find some inspiration I highly recommended following along on a fun photographer blog circle of talented ladies! First up is an awesome Lifestyle Photographer in Orange County, CA, called Crows Nest Photography, her black and whites are GORG!

Bonus Idea! Read 5 ideas and get one for free…

Start a Project, or do a session type you haven’t done by doing a model call in your area. This allows you to experiment outside your comfort zone without risking a client session. You can also photograph something you’re passionate about, and use that to lead your project. For example I recently did a model call for radiant redheads (more on this exciting project later)..

I’m always up for other great ideas, so if you have any please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for checking in!


xo Emily


Such amazing tips! I know I should capture my kids more, but I find it hard to photograph in our house – too much mess! 😉

Haha that’s what graduated filters are for, shade out the clutter 😛


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