Why You Should Take Simple Portraits


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Edmonton Family Photographer


It may seem like a contradiction that I would suggest taking simple portraits given that I live and breathe the candid, lifestyle photography style. But I do find there is a very important place for simple portraits when it comes to your kids. As much as I adore all the candid moments I have of my children, I also really love just looking at their little faces, with zero distractions. More importantly, these portraits really allow you to see the changes in their faces as time passes. These simple portraits become my favourites even more as they move from stage to stage.

I do capture candid portraits and portraits of children while I’m shooting lifestyle sessions, don’t get me wrong. However by isolating the child on a simple white background, there is no distractions to the eye, and you focus only on your babes features. I also make it a goal of these sessions to capture as many facial expressions as I can. This is the reason for allowing 30 minutes per session versus the standard 15 minutes I’ve seen in the industry.


I will be running one day of these portraits for your sweethearts in April.  See all the details below!

Petite Portraits

Date: April 28th

Time: 9am-1pm

20 Minutes Shooting Time

5 Digital Files with Print Release

5 Beautiful 5″ by 5″ Art Cards of chosen photos

$125 + gst

* each additional child in the same family is +$85




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