Asher’s birth


This is where it all begins. The start of a new little life.

Alissa was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first son, after two daughters. This little boy wasn’t going to make it easy for her!

Labour started slowly and Alissa (third time mom) was in great spirits, she sent me a message that today was the day and to come by in a few hours. So I arranged with my babysitter to come in 2 hours and then I would make my way to the hospital with plenty of time. I then got a message from Alissa, “they just broke my water, Dr said it will be within the hour!” so after asking my babysitter, “scratch that get here now!” I was shortly on my way! I found Alissa and her husband calm in a warm and bright sunny room. Alissa was breathing her way through every contraction.

Things quickly changed, as they do in labour, and her contractions became strong and overwhelming. They became more and more intense and very close together, we were going to meet her son very soon! Alissa dug deep, held on with every ounce of strength she had and took every contraction like a wave. With every push she worked harder and harder, the inner strength women possess is truly evident during labour.

Soon the Dr arrived just in time to deliver little Asher into the world! A strong and beautiful healthy boy.

Relief, joy, exhaustion, and so much love; was all over Alissa’s face when they placed sweet Asher on her chest for the first time. What a privilege to be able to witness this incredible moment. Congratulations to Alissa, Taylor, Sydney, and Lainey on your brand new baby boy!


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