Edmonton Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerWelcome to the world Blayke Adley

Welcome to the world Blayke Adley
I adore the Sontags. I've had the pleasure of photographing them many times over the years and every time I head to our session with a gleeful smile on my face. They are really genuine people, really sweet and gentle parents, and all around great people. It's funny how being a parent changes the way you think about people. After meeting the Sontags I remember thinking[...]

4 Peas in a Pod

4 Peas in a Pod
The internet and social media is a funny thing, it can drive people apart but also (and more often for me) can really bring people together. I have found such an amazing community of like-minded creative mamas through social media. Anastasia is one of the very special relationships I owe to social media. We were brought together by Instagram when I discovered her unbe[...]

From Snow to Sun with the Valco Baby Duo XMy Double Stroller Review

From Snow to Sun with the Valco Baby Duo X
The hunt for the perfect double stroller. We started this journey when we had Autumn and I settled on an inline, only to discover later when Autumn was a bit bigger, that it drove like an F150 when there were two children in it. I also noticed my kids really liked being side by side so they can interact and share snacks, like they do in our chariot. So when Georgia wa[...]
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