3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Photos3 Ways to Instantly Improve your Photos

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Photos
1: Find the Best Light in your House. So many of our photos happen inside our house, especially when our babies are young, and especially if we live in freezing cold Edmonton! So walk around your house at different times of the day and write down which rooms have the best light at which times. You may be surprised! This will give you a huge advantage when you know [...]

9 Photos Every Mom Should Take

9 Photos Every Mom Should Take
As moms, the act of picking up our camera to capture memories with our littles ones is equally exciting and overwhelming.  It’s exciting because we know that these pictures will be cherished forever.  But it is also overwhelming because we want to photograph everything.  If you’re like me, you feel the pressure to photograph every little thing your child does and some[...]

A Magical First Birthday SessionEdmonton Family Photographer with Teryn's First Birthday

A Magical First Birthday Session
First birthdays are SO special. I love them. I've done fairly sizable parties for both my kids when they turned one. There is just so much to celebrate! Especially with your first. It is not only their first birthday but also the first anniversary of you and your partner becoming parents. So I am ALL about celebrating this milestone. I am however picky in how I do [...]

Harrison’s Big Boy Room

Harrison's Big Boy Room
When Harrison starting potty training, I promised him after he nailed it we would redecorate his big boy room! Ok, truth, it was more for me. I so badly wanted him in a bed that I could cuddle and chat with him about our day at bedtime. It's hard to cuddle in a crib... He did awesome with potty training so we launched into big boy decoration! First, I painted becau[...]
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