My Feminine Boho Office Makeover and DIY cane sideboard.


Since we bought this house the intention was for the main floor office to be mine and for us to finish our basement and add an office down there for my husband Tim (more on that update in a future blog).

To start what I’m calling my ‘feminine boho office’ makeover I first made a mood board. I find this really helps narrow down all my ideas. It also allows you to envision what the tones and patterns will look like together in a space. I use Canva for this. Here was what I came up with for my mood board:


First up was choosing the paint colour. Finding the perfect white is no easy task and can totally depend on which way your room faces. I settled on Simply White by Benjamin Moore and I always come back to it. In my opinion it’s the perfect warm white that doesn’t come off yellow at all.


I knew I wanted some open shelving to fill with my little plan babies and I loved these brackets! They come in a pack of four and are linked here.

Now when buying the wood for the shelves remember a 2×8 isn’t actually 8inches wide (I didn’t know that prior to this project 🤪) so I ended up having to get 10 inch wide pieces and Jorme cut and sanded them to size they turned out beautifully! These are just raw wood I didn’t stain them at all I love how they looked all on their own.

Wall Decals:

The ‘boho’ vibe in the feminine boho mood board is definitely achieved through these beautiful palm decals. The decals they are from Urban Walls, I love them because they are super easy to work with! You can watch a bit of the process of me installing them here. A common question I get is if you need a full or a half order for this type of install. And the answer is, it totally depends on the look you want. If you get a half order you’re limiting the amount of pieces you have to choose from. For example if you were doing something similar to the decals in my daughter’s room then choice doesn’t matter because they’re standard. With the palms however you may want to double use certain leaves etc. If you’re not super picky about that though, a half order would be plenty for this amount of wall coverage.



If you look at the mood board above, you’ll see the gorgeous cane sideboard I was loving from Mcgee and Co, but you may also notice the price tag. They also don’t ship to Canada so it wasn’t even an option anyways. There is a really good dupe at Wayfair, but again it’s $$. It is also out of stock a lot and I am not known for my patience. I also wasn’t crazy about the shade of white and so I decided to DIY it to get it exactly how I would want it. I ended up buying this sideboard. It was much cheaper and since one of the doors arrived banged up I got another $100 off! The damage didn’t bother me because I knew I was going to be painting and removing the glass anyways!

The sideboard was painted using the same colour (simply white) as the walls but in a high gloss paint meant designed for its durability. I was worried about using the same colour for both the walls and the sideboard but the finish totally transforms the look and I’m so happy with how it looks against the wall. I spray painted the handles using rustoleum in gold.


This one is much more straightforward. I knew I wanted a pop of pink in this space, because pink is my favourite colour, and this chair is the perfect soft blush pink.


I wanted a desk that was minimal so as to not draw to much attention away from the sideboard and the wall behind it. I actually researched quite a few desks and ultimately settled on the Alex desk from Ikea. It’s beautiful, practical, and very affordable.

I added some finishing touches to the styling, including all my plant babies, an 8×12 of my Hawaiian Beetle print, this rug, a few baskets and Voila my feminine boho office makeover was complete! 6 months later and I am still loving this space! Tell me what you think in the comments! Anything I missed explaining let me know!

Thanks for being here!




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