My Backyard Chicken Coop Makeover


It’s been a dream of mine to have a sweet little chicken coop for a while now, and one morning during one of our meetings with our contractor Jorme (who owns Resourceful Renovations), I asked if he would be able to build a door for the old dog house I had planned on sprucing up into a chicken coop.

Well, it didn’t stop there, he got into the project just as much as I did and the result is pretty awesome I must say, so let’s break it down!

Here is the starting point whomp whomp, dirty old, a little rickety and filled with old dog hair

So the first step was power washing and painting. All of my supplies for this project are from our local Home Depot. I love the one stop shop of Home Depot and the staff there are so stinken nice and helpful to me. Jorme then installed a base to the doghouse to make it secure, so if me or the kids were climbing in to clean or fetch eggs it would be safe and stable.

The colours for the coop are Snowfall white and Perky Peach, pro tip is to just pick whatever colours you want from any brand and then color match it to a more affordable paint brand. I chose a color based stain at the recommendation of my professional painter neighbour and it worked like a charm! (even on pressure treated wood which apparently you’re not supposed to paint for a year but who has that kind of patience, not this girl!)

Then the fun begins, we were brainstorming the easiest way to get the eggs so I wouldn’t have to climb inside every morning. We (and by we I mean Jorme) cut in a door on the right side and built all the chicken boxes along the side so you open the door and voila! Eggs! Every chicken lays in their boxes with the exception of my chicken “Goldie” who insists on laying hers over by the water jug, ya she’s a diva….

Then came the barn door, it’s beyond beautiful, the hardware is gorgeous and has a really smooth roll, so if you’re looking for a barn door this is the hardware I recommend! I got the sweet little “our nest’ sign from Nest and Nook Housewares in Sydney

The shutters I did myself (I know you’re proud right?) with just some scraps of 1×2’s and they totally complete the look! I added some flowers and Jorme added a little ramp and boom our family chickies had a home.

For those who are curious our chickens were each named by us

Mine is Goldie Hen

Georgia’s is Elsa

Autumn’s is Anna

Harrison’s is Chickeletta

Tim’s is Elona Musk

So there you have it friends I hope found this helpful and maybe are inspired yourself!

Let me know what you think in the comments,




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