My Top 7 Favourite Essential Oils and What I Use Them For Daily


When I first started hearing about essential oils a little under a year ago I really had no idea what essential oils were for beside smelling nice and maybe relaxation.

Now I’m by no means an expert or even an EO wizard at this point (although I have friends who are that I call on the regular for questions). But I do have almost a year of experience, research, and my own trial and error and there’s a few oils that have really sprinted to the lead and have found a place in my daily routine, so let’s break them down!

  1. Purification. This one is good for all things stinky. For me this beauty has completely replaced dryer sheets in my laundry. 1) Harrisons Dr mentioned a list of things I can do to help with Harrison’s asthma around the house, eliminating dryer sheets was one of them, and 2) I often forget to wash the dish clothes that sit for a few days and I have toddlers who have accidents in their beds, ie I have stinky laundry sometimes! I add a few drops of Purification to my wool dryer balls and they come out of the dryer smelling like a four seasons spa.
  2. Peppermint. Peppermint has a lot of great uses but for me I use it for diffusing to help wake me up, and for putting a drop on my head and temples when I get a foggy head ache or eye strain from working at my computer too long.
  3. Lavender. It’s called the Swiss army knife of oils for a good reason. I use this one daily for our sleep routine, spritz on the pillows and in the kids diffusor as well as for mixing a drop in Harrison’s lotion to keep is eczema at bay.
  4. R.C. This one I may not use daily but when I use it I use a lot of it. This has completely replaced Vicks in my house and as soon as one of my kids starts coming down with a cold I start diffusing this bad boy 24/7.
  5. Lemon. This one again is really good for diffusing in the morning when you need a wake up. It’s also amazing for getting everything sticky off with zero chemicals. Product label glue, Georgia’s high chair stickies, etc. Lemon is definitely a favourite.
  6. Stress Away. If I was a scent this one would be it. Funny story I was actually describing my perfect fragrance and what it would be like to my friend and she said oh you want “Stress Away” and she totally nailed it. It’s creamy with a hint of citrus and a little depth. It has a really beautiful calming aroma as well. I use this one as my ‘mama perfume’ by rolling it on my neck and wrists. I also diffuse it for a little bit of stress relief throughout the day.
  7. Theives. Saved the best for last. This one is an immune booster and an all natural cleaner. I diffuse this one a lot to help purify the air (it also smells like Christmas and that makes me happy).

And these last two aren’t technically oils but they have oils in them so I had to include them because they’re definitely part of my daily routine.

  1. Ninxgia Red. The most antioxidant rich supplement in the world. Like actually. According to tests it is ranked #1 of all juices tested with the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores that were about 250% higher than Xango, Goji and other health juices. I take a shot in the morning before my morning coffee (it’s also super tasty), and again in the afternoon when I need a little jolt of energy.
  2. Theives Cleaner. I learned about thieves cleaner well before I ever learned about essential oils. A few natural cleaning companies I worked with all used thieves cleaners and I just adored the smell. I use the cleaner on my floors, cabinets, counters, laundry, all the things.

So there you have it, if I had to choose those would be the cream of the crop for me.

For more info on my top 7 you can shoot me a message and I’m happy to answer any questions or pop some samples in the mail. You can also head here for more information or to grab some for yourself!

That’s all for now!

Thanks for being here!

xo Emily


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