Welcome to the world Blayke Adley

I adore the Sontags. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them many times over the years and every time I head to our session with a gleeful smile on my face. They are really genuine people, really sweet and gentle parents, and all around great people. It’s funny how being a parent changes the way you think about people. After meeting the Sontags I remember thinking oh their parents must be so proud of them! haha who else does that?!

Anyhoo I digress. Kayla, Jay, and big sister Teryn welcomed their second baby, Blayke into the world recently and I absolutely loved capturing their maternity and then a few weeks later, their newborn session.

Teryn was such a proud big sister and was kissing and showing off her baby as soon as I walked in the door. We had a wonderful time playing in Teryn’s room (how cute is Jay in the teepee with both his girls amiright?!) and cuddling her in her nursery.

I’m so happy to see this wonderful family growing and I can’t wait to watch Blayke grow up beside her big sister Teryn,

Thank you for being here






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