Harrison’s Big Boy Room


When Harrison starting potty training, I promised him after he nailed it we would redecorate his big boy room! Ok, truth, it was more for me. I so badly wanted him in a bed that I could cuddle and chat with him about our day at bedtime. It’s hard to cuddle in a crib… He did awesome with potty training so we launched into big boy decoration!

First, I painted because his room was baby blue which just screamed ‘baby’. I chose Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore. All of our house is in neutral shades so this now flows beautifully with the rest of the house.

His Harrison sign I made myself with some burlap and fabric scraps I have in my sewing bin, easy peasy! Now his Dr Seuss art does have a story when Harrison was little we read him a lot of Dr Seuss. We love Dr Seuss books. My husband was on a business trip in Maui and found this awesome little gallery in Maui that carried original prints of Dr Seuss’ work. He got this special piece for Harrison to treasure.

I wanted Harrison’s room to transition well as he aged, and was a comfortable place for him to hang out in. Which is why I chose neutral colors and sophisticated art. Harrison loves trains so when I tracked down this piece it was a must! I also adore his little Ikea couch (which folds out to a little bed) because it’s easy for littles to get on and off of.


toddler room decor edmonton photographer

toddler room decor edmonton photographer


One thing that is important to me is having things that are hand made for my kids. They show care and love. All of Harrison’s pillows I’ve made myself and it makes me smile to see him cuddle up with them.

Another piece of handmade art is Harrison’s beautiful “X” above his bed. I met this talented lady who runs Co.Create at the Nest in the City market, and I fell in love with all her stuff! I think this unique piece gives a really fun punch of color and spunk in his room.


toddler room decor edmonton photographer

We love to read and play, so a bookshelf filled with books, and a toy bin to hide messes is a must! This shelf I snagged at Crate and Barrel for our house a few years ago as a set of 4 and when we moved it just found its way into H’s room and worked so well in there it stayed! On it I’ve put things that will hopefully bring him joy as he gets older. His beautiful name blocks from . And his yarn “H” I crafted when I was pregnant with him and anxiously awaiting his arrival (remember before you had kids and you had time to sit and craft?!)

I also love to fill my house with photos of us, it’s so important for my kids to see how much they’re loved. I have a few photos of him and his sister, and me and him right on his dresser where he can see them daily. Print your photos, my friends! and fill your home with them!


toddler room decor edmonton photographer toddler room decor edmonton photographer  toddler room decor edmonton photographer


Harrison and Autumn love hanging in here, they jump on the bed, climb on the couch and cuddle up with books. Exactly what I wished when I was planning his room. Thanks for checking it out! If you have any questions leave them in the comments!


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