Why did we name our Spring baby, Autumn?


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“On the Autumn Equinox the sun and moon, king and queen, divide the hours equally between them. The warm autumn sun falls on hills that are carpeted in a regal cloak of purple heathers and golden grasses, and the woodlands begin to blaze into autumn.

There is a nip in the air as evening draws close; the changing trees are silhouetted against shades of clear blue, deepening to velvet tones as a clear celestial sky becomes visible.

Indoors, jars of honey glisten beside the freshly collected apples. The harvest has been brought in, nuts and berries are gathered and there is a celebration of nature’s abundance.”  Oscha


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I get asked (more often than I would have thought) about why we chose to name our daughter, who was born in April, Autumn Elizabeth. Our little Spring Autumn. So I thought I would share my thoughts.

Autumn is our favourite season as a family. When you think of Autumn what words come to mind? Family? Overwhelming beauty? Being Cozy? Vibrance? Fall Harvest? Nature’s Rebirth?  These are some of the words that come to my mind when I think of the fall season. Autumn is a time where it is so incredibly gorgeous outside, with it’s bright oranges, yellows, reds, and golds; that have such luminance they almost looks artificial. It is a time that we go for walks as a family every afternoon and every evening because we don’t want to miss a second of the incredible views and cool fresh air.


It is no coincidence that fall is the busiest time for family photographers like myself, it’s because Autumn makes for an unbelievably beautiful backdrop for your photos.  It is also a time that family comes together from near and far, to share in gratitude and wonderful feasts together. The fall season, is the only season that truly makes me stop in my tracks, and marvel, at all the beauty around me.


My daughter brings me that feeling of joy, gratitude, and appreciation out in us. When we first saw her sweet little face, with her huge dark eyes and olive skin, we felt the same amazement as we do looking at the golden sun streaming through bright coloured leaves, creating a dreamlike burst of colour, almost overwhelming to the senses. We have treasured her every day since. We hold our little Autumn in our arms and feel all those feelings of amazement, beauty, and family.


Our beautiful Autumn Elizabeth.


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