Zima’s at home


When the weather outside is frightful. Inside lifestyle sessions are so delightful.. (see what I did there). A lifestyle session in your own home is just as relaxing as it sounds. You interact with your family as you normally would and I capture those genuine moments for you. It is so nice to be able to look back at pictures of your little ones where you spent the bulk of your time. It is also nice to get some great shots of your babes in their rooms and favourite spots of the house. AND we can’t forget about other furry members of the family, I document them as well, because all these pieces is what makes your family whole!

The Zima’s are one of my favourite families to shoot. If you read my blog about Autumn’s facial expressions then you’ll understand why I love shooting sweet Madeline. She has probably 10+ different faces, all hilarious and adorable. I think in the final gallery I delivered close to 80 photos because I couldn’t delete a single picture of her sweet expressions! Chad and Laura are the most loving and fun parents, to not only Maddy, but Carlton as well, who made it in to a few snaps (and has the most luscious coat I ever did see!). I was so fortunate to spend some time with them in their home, capturing a few great memories for them to keep. xo

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