Doucette Family


The Doucette’s were such a great family to end my fall sessions on. Laid back, playful, and affectionate. A total delight to hang out with and shoot for short time in the Edmonton sunshine. And had my diaper bag been a little bigger, I may have legitimately stolen the little boy in this session (Daniel)… and ran for the hills…

In my session prep, I encourage families to bring something that is special to their child if they want to capture the memory of that special object as well. For Daniel it was his stuffed horse “neigh neigh.” Clearly the bond for this little horse is strong and Daniel ran and played and explored with his trusted side kick neigh neigh in hand. His adoring parents, Amanda and Ryan not far behind.

It was adorable to watch Daniel run to his parents for some snuggles and kisses, and then dash off with neigh neigh again, and then repeat. Seeing the love these two parents have for their adorable little boy was very special, and I am very grateful I was able to capture a little bit of it for them to keep.



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