11 Reasons Why Every Influencer Needs To Consider Network Marketing (and they’re not what you think)

Why Influencers Rock at this Business! 

Let me start by saying that everyone has influence, it’s how you use it to inspire others that is truly meaningful.

As an Influencer you have a PLATFORM (Blog, Email List, Instagram, Pinterest) where you reach your niche market. You get to share what you’re PASSIONATE about with those people following along on your life’s journey and offer advise, tips, products you love, experiences you’ve had or have had to over come. You can make an impact in others lives for the better without ever meeting people face to face. You build TRUST in the network of individuals who follow you. And you have the opportunity to capture value on this by getting paid to post ads, or sponsored posts from companies large and small. 

The only thing is that it’s a one time gig. You can potentially build on that relationship with those companies and do future ads with them, but there aren’t royalties involved. There isn’t a revolving door of income. You need to constantly be searching for the next company to partner with, and sometimes have to take on partnerships you’re not super jazzed about. 

Now here enters, RESIDUAL INCOME through Network Marketing! If you don’t know the definition of Residual Income go look it up because once you understand it, you’ll run through a brick wall to make sure you have it. 

Why should Influencers be joining a Network Marketing Company?!

1. Because you tell people to buy products everyday. The only difference is you don’t get paid on a monthly basis for all those sales. 

2. Because you have an existing group of followers who trust you and believe that if you are using something great or doing a business that is great they want to be a part of that too! 

3. Because if the internet crashed tomorrow and you lost all your Email Lists, Blog posts, Instagram Followers, you’d have to start from scratch. With Residual Income you would still get paid because you’ve built a business. 

4. Because you can Will it to your kids and family. 

5. Because you can work from anywhere! 

6. There is no income cap. You get to decide on how quickly you want to grow your business and rank up with the company and how much you want to see your income grow. 

7. You can help make your dreams a reality and use the residual income from this business to launch your dream ventures! 

8. You can help others will their wellness journey, help them be a part of a community, and even start their own business. 

9. You can give more to others in need, charities that are near to your heart. 

10. You can build a spouse account. That’s right two businesses with the opportunity to reach two Royal Crown Diamond Incomes. 

11. You can pay off debt, loans, medical bills, mortgages, car payments, cut back from or quit your job or even retire your spouse from their job so they can pursue something they are more passionate about. 

The list goes on and on! You have an opportunity just like when you started becoming an Influencer. This business opportunity can bring so much reward to your life and others. 

Are you ready to join our team and start INSPIRING others through your Influence?!

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